Pittsburgh, PA

Point State Park

July 26, 2014

All Day, Rain or Shine


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  • Honor The Sun

    Tent One

    Instructor: Dominique Ponko, Yoga Flow

    Join Dominique for yoga with the rising sun where the three rivers meet. Experience an early morning soul cleanse, dusting off any dull, heavy energies in your aura, allowing for a rebirth of life force to surge through and all around you.

  • Traditional Tantra Yoga

    Tent Three

    Instructor: Jeana Hickling

    As opposed to neo-Tantra, traditional Tantra yoga is not a sexually focused practice. The asana sequences are a part of a traditional system, derived from the Rigveda and in line with the principles of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine (prana and chi). Begin with a standing sequence that enhances skeletal alignment from within, and follow with the "tri-dosha balancing series," which does not include standing postures. Short savasanas and pranayama will be incorporated, and the session ends with a traditional tantric or taoist smiling meditation.

  • Mindful Vinyasa

    Tent Five

    Instructor: Ashley Dalzell, Urban Prana Yoga

    Flow through a mindful Vinyasa practice, cultivating body awareness in order to reach a higher stage of consciousness. The invigorating practice, partnered with creative sequencing, strikes a sweet balance of asanas, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation, which will leave you feeling completely renewed. Rediscover yourself through a new perspective at this all-levels yoga class. Everyone is welcome — modifications will be offered.

  • Meditation

    Tent Two

    Instructor: Kate Kill, Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh

    In the same way that it is pleasant to sit in the presence of a master performer or thinker, it is rewarding to sit in the presence of one's inner self. Meditation is an opportunity to know the peaceful self within us. Learn basic meditation techniques and participate in guided meditation.

  • Intro to the Five Tibetans

    Tent Four

    Instructor: Lori Battist, Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh

    The Five Tibetans are a system of exercises reported to be more than 2,500 years old and were first publicized in 1939. Performing these simple exercises of the ancient practice every day can lead to increased energy, strength, and flexibility; reduced stress; and an enhanced sense of calmness and clarity of thought.

  • Power Yoga and Trigger Point Therapy

    Tent One

    Instructor: Sharon Skittle, Urban Elements & Cycology

    Geared towards athletes, but appropriate for anyone with minor aches and pains, this class combines myofascial therapy using a lacrosse ball with yoga postures to improve mobility and range of motion; increase flexibility; open up the knees, shoulders, neck, and wrists; and relieve tension and pains associated with lactic acid build-up, repetitive-use injuries, common running injuries, sciatic, and everyday stressors.

  • Forrest Yoga Foundations

    Tent Three

    Instructor: Mike Cutright, takeyoga studio

    In this introduction to the basics of Forrest Yoga, participants will learn to deepen their practice through breath and awareness. Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. The practice is founded on four pillars: breath, strength, integrity, and spirit


    Tent Five

    Instructor: Rachel Bekelja, Salt Power Yoga

    Born from Baptiste Yoga, the Live Love Teach yoga philosophy emphasizes a community of breath, guided by a present teacher whose focus is on using minimum relevant wording to facilitate students’ strong, healing, and powerful breath. An approachable, yet challenging class, complete with humor and honesty, students will find challenge and surrender, and build tension for a sweet release. This class will be a fun, joyful ride that's full of breath!

  • Power Yoga Basics

    Tent Two

    Instructors: Candace Lain-Fabus & Kristen Hannan, South Hills Power Yoga

    This is a basics class that will move slowly, so new students can learn the fundamentals of a Power Yoga practice. Suitable for beginners and all levels, it is a great place to start or refresh your understanding of the practice. Remember to simply breathe and enjoy.

  • Backward Bending Workshop

    Tent Four

    Instructor: Zeb Homison, Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh

    Every backward bend changes your spine. Backbending can be intimidating, and sometimes, even scary. Learn postures and techniques to improve and change your backbend. Come open up your spine in this intermediate-level workshop.

  • Ashtanga Yoga

    Tent One

    Instructor: Leta Koontz, Schoolhouse Yoga

    Ashtanga yoga is athletic, challenging, and fast-paced, designed to purify the body and the mind through a disciplined focus on the breath (ujjayi pranayama), the gaze (drishti), and the energetic locks (bandhas) of the body. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun! Students who attend this class should be in good physical condition and free of injury. Prior yoga experience required.

  • Riding The Wave: An Exploration of Breath & the Spine

    Tent Three

    Instructor: Kristie Lindblom

    Explore the integral relationship of breath and the spine through asana, as well as anatomical and energetic examination. Whether or not you have back issues, this class will deepen and enrich not only your practice on the mat, but how you relate to your posture and breath off the mat, too!

  • Pelvic Stability Pilates Mat

    Tent Five

    Instructor: Aubrey Johnson, Moxie Mind and Body

    If you've been focusing on flexibility through your yoga practice, but you feel your body could use more strength and support, this class is for you! You'll learn that slow and steady wins the stability race when you are forced to remove all of the common cheats that tend to happen if you're not fully engaged in your powerhouse. This work builds core strength that instantly improves balance and control.

  • Intro to Bikram Yoga

    Tent Two

    Instructor: Zeb Homison, Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh

    A fun introduction to the world-famous Bikram Yoga series. This class, appropriate for all levels and beginners, will cover the basics of both the standing series and floor series. Discover the benefits of this highly therapeutic series of postures, usually performed in a heated room.

  • Yoga With a Twist

    Tent Four

    Instructors: Vanessa Silberman & Kate McGinley, Simple Sol

    Yoga with a Twist is Simple Sol's most popular class. It is a twist on traditional yoga, moving at a faster pace and incorporating light weights, bands, and balls to tone and firm your entire body. This class will get your heart beating and leave you feeling strong, toned, long, and lean!

  • Honoring Agni In Our Yoga Practice

    Tent One

    Instructor: Jennifer Ferris-Glick

    The Hindu deity of fire, Agni, is the link between humans and animals on earth, and gods and goddesses in heaven, through sacrifices and offerings (candles). This yoga practice will weave together the mythology of Agni, mantra work, and an asana practice by honoring the fires of spirit, soul, and body, so that we may become more brilliant and more radiant.

  • The Chakras

    Tent Five

    Instructor: Kate Kill, Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh

    The chakras influence the way we function in body, mind, and spirit, and play an essential role in our yoga and meditation practices. Start to feel the locations of the chakras within your own body and deepen your understanding of the central column of energy that lies within you. Explore the mysterious energy, Kundalini, that we can tap into through the chakras to heal and empower ourselves.

  • USA Yoga PA/NJ Regional Asana Championship

    Tent Three

    At this annual, nationwide event, competitors from Pennsylvania and New Jersey will demonstrate their physical prowess in hopes of progressing to the U.S. National Championship.

  • Prenatal Yoga

    Tent Two

    Instructor: Deena Blumenfeld, Shining Light Prenatal Yoga

    Celebrate your pregnancy while preparing for labor and working towards a better postpartum recover with prenatal yoga!

  • Man Power Hour

    Tent Four

    Instructor: Ryan Mullinary, Yoga Flow

    Join Ryan in a class filled with naturally balanced yin and yang postures. Tune into your physical strength while holding fire-y postures, then breathe your way into the light yin energy of meditation. You will leave feeling balanced and full of healing energy.

  • Fuel Up: The Rocket

    Tent One

    Instructor: Hayley Worthman, BYS Yoga

    "The Rocket" is a dynamic and fast-paced style of yoga developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco during the 1980s. It's rooted in Ashtanga, but postures are combined and restructured in a fun, unique way. Designed for all levels, this will be a led class (minimal instruction) consisting of a warm-up (Surya Namaskara A and B), standing poses, seated poses, and the traditional closing series.

  • Power/Yin Hips & Stretch

    Tent Five

    Instructor: Taylee Wilson, Moonglow Yoga

    Build strength and flexibility in the legs, lower back, and hips with this unique sequence of asanas. This class combines Power Vinyasa flow with a Yin-style practice that dives deeper into flexibility in an effort to help students reach toward the full expression of more intricate postures, such as pigeon and monkey.

  • Beginning with the Breath (Prana)

    Tent Two

    Instructor: Jennifer Ferris-Glick

    The breath, often referred to as prana, is explored in an asana and seated practice. This class is perfect for those who want to know how to begin their yoga journey.

  • Yoga Monsters: Yoga for Kids!

    Tent Four

    Instructor: Shannon Carnemolla, Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh

    Let your children sing, laugh, and play with this amazingly fun yoga class. Yoga monsters is designed to make yoga accessible to children and still bring them all the benefits of a yoga practice. This family-friendly class is suitable for children ages 3-11.

  • Inspired Power Yoga

    Tent One

    Instructors: Stacey Vespaziani & LA Finfinger, South Hills Power Yoga

    Sweat. Move. Laugh. Let your practice sizzle under the hot July sun with this hour-long Power Vinyasa Yoga class, co-taught by LA & Stacey. Open to practitioners of all levels and backgrounds.

  • Heal Trauma with Yoga

    Tent Five

    Instructor: Mary Elko Comfort, MOVE Yoga and Fitness (formerly located at Loughner Massage & Yoga)

    A trauma-sensitive class is based on grounding and centering the body, mind, and spirit, and allows the participants to better understand what their bodies are saying. Take part in gentle, fluid movements in and out of postures, with an emphasis on restorative poses and focused breathing. The class allows a safe, effective way to move stored anxiety, depression, fear, or any emotional or physical pain, creating a feeling of well-being and security.

  • Being Perfectly Imperfect

    Tent Two

    Instructor: Paul Richards, BYS Yoga

    Embrace and celebrate the perfection of being imperfect and approach your yoga practice (and your life) with balance, patience, compassion, and humor! Open to all levels of students, this flowing Hatha yoga class will encourage you to be yourself, to accept your imperfections, and to be empowered by what makes you unique.

  • Family Yoga

    Tent Four

    Instructor: Claire Baer, Yoga Innovations

    This is your chance to show your kids exactly what you do when you head to your mat. It is also a chance to empower our youth with the knowledge and skills acquired through yoga to ensure a more focused, balanced, and strong individual. In this fun, kid-inspired Power Yoga class, elevate the heart rate, build strength, and indulge in your practice with your family by your side.

  • Prana Flow

    Tent One

    Instructor: Michelle Planert, Yoga Flow

    Dive deep within the energy that rushes through your nadis in this prana flow class. Each pose is specifically chosen to awaken stored healthy cosmic energy that's believed to come from the sun and connect the elements of the universe. Enjoy a journey of life force postures guided by the life force of breath.

  • Balance Workshop

    Tent Three

    Instructor: Julie Novak, Moonglow Yoga

    Are you looking for a little balance in your life? Join Julie for this lighthearted workshop, exploring the importance of balance in your yoga practice. Examine the foundations of arm balancing by strengthening the core and lengthening throughout the body. Beginners will be given the tools needed to enter the poses and all students will be given the opportunity to delve into new balancing possibilities.

  • Gentle Yoga

    Tent Five

    Instructor: Kristie Lindblom

    A contemplative practice in breath and movement with a focus of creating space in the body, this class is appropriate for all ages and abilities.

  • Yoga For Active Aging

    Tent Two

    Instructor: Sterling Painton, Sterling Yoga & Wellness Center

    Enjoy a combination of stretching and strengthening alignment-based yoga poses designed to relieve stress, increase mobility and stability in the body's joints, improve balance, and create body awareness. This class will discuss the habits of our "seated lifestyle," as Sterling teaches simple back stretches, standing poses, and balance to support an active aging lifestyle.

  • Moon Salutations

    Tent Four

    Instructor: Kendall Romanelli, Schoolhouse Yoga

    Moon salutations are designed to balance the energy of traditional sun salutations. The beautiful, flowing sequence tunes into the reflective, intuitive energy of the moon, focusing on hip- and heart-opening postures. The class is supported by live guitar, adding to the meditative quality of the practice. We will close our practice by chanting the mantra "Om Shanti Om" to bring peace to the body, mind, and soul.

  • Closing Ceremony, Hopeful Yoga

    The Fountain

    Join us for an inspiring end-of-festival experience as we gather to generate hope and healing at the energizing confluence of Pittsburgh's three rivers!


Attend a variety of classes, suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yogis! The One WHIRL Yoga Fest will host five tents, featuring 30+ classes throughout the day, from arm balancing and Chakra workshops, to power vinyasa flow and meditation sessions. Your $35 registration provides you with an all-access pass!

  • For beginner, intermediate, and advanced!
  • 30+ classes all day.
  • Also, check out the Regional Yoga Competition.

Join the fun!

The One WHIRL Yoga Fest + Healthy Lifestyle Expo is an exciting experience that joins yogis, wellness gurus, healthy lifestyle experts, and fitness enthusiasts from all over Western Pennsylvania for a full day of fun at Point State Park.

Take a look at photos from last year's festivities to get an idea of what's in store for July 26.
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The awesome people who will be teaching classes.

Ambassador 1

Jennifer Ferris-Glick


Jenn's diverse experiences and enthusiasm for learning allow her yoga and meditation practice/teaching to integrate multiple lineages of yoga.

Ambassador 2

Zeb Homison

Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh

After Zeb's intensive, nine-week teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in Hawaii, Zeb set out to bring the gift of yoga and health to as many people and places as possible.

Ambassador 3

Kristie Lindblom

Independent Instructor

A yoga educator whose classes are breath-centered, empowering, and healing as she infuses them with a combination of western scientific knowledge and yogic wisdom.

Ambassador 4

Kate Kill

Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh

Kate's approach approach helps students bring the awareness gained on their yoga mat into their everyday life, encouraging healing and empowerment.

Ambassador 5

Leta Koontz

Schoolhouse Yoga

In 2002, Leta founded Schoolhouse Yoga, which now has three locations in Pittsburgh. Leta enjoys challenging her students while keeping the practice fun and playful.

Ambassador 6

Cassandra Pfaff

Moonglow Yoga

Believing in living a well-balanced life full of meaning, growth, an abundance of laughter, and hope to bring the warmth of our family to every class.

Ambassador 7

Dominique Ponko

Yoga Flow

Dominique combines her light sense of humor and strong intuition to feel what her students need in each class. You never know what to expect when you step onto your mat.

Ambassador 8

Stacey Vespaziani

South Hills Power Yoga

Stacey created South Hills Power Yoga as a way to share the transformative benefits of Power Yoga with her neighbors. She hopes to help build a vibrant yoga culture in her own community of Dormont.

Ambassador 9

Kristi Rogers

BYS Yoga

In the spring of 2004, Kristi and her husband opened Breathe Yoga Studio (now BYS Yoga) in the South Side. In June 2005, she completed her 200 hour yoga certification through Yoga H'om in Oakdale, Pa.


Lining the outskirts of Point State Park, the Vendor Village at the One WHIRL Yoga Fest + Healthy Lifestyle Expo offers a wealth of local wellness experts. Explore the booths, which include a number of yoga studios, between classes and discover the tools to improve your mental and physical health.

All Food + Drink Health + Wellness Other
vendor 1


Shop yoga apparel, sleepwear, swimwear, and more at the retailer offering clothes for every body.

vendor 2

American Heart Association

Spin the Heart Health Wheel, win prizes. Take the Life Simple 7 heart health quiz and learn about our Pittsburgh Heart Walk at Heinz Field.

vendor 3

American Laser Skincare

Explore the services of American Laser Skincare, from skin rejuvenation to facial aesthetics.

vendor 33


An on-site showcase of the latest in yoga style. Raffles, giveaways, info on in-store classes. Finally, we will be registering all certified instructors for our Fit Pro Perks program!

vendor 4

Bend Yoga

Drop by the Bend booth to see what's going on Downtown. Meet some of its teachers, check out the new Bend Yoga tees and tanks, and grab a yoga class coupon for a future class at the studio.

vendor 4.5

Chateau Cafe & Cakery

Grab a cup of locally roasted coffee, or one of our signature Chateau herbal tea blends, while chatting up one of our friendly Chateauristas.

vendor 5

Circulatory Centers

The vein care experts can help with diagnosing and treating circulatory issues caused by vein disfunction.

vendor 6


Experience the art of aromatherapy. Learn how the use of dōTERRA Essential Oils can benefit your physical and emotional health. Stop by for a limited supply of a sample of Wild Orange Essential Oil.

vendor 7

Food Mood Girl

Lindsey Smith, aka the Food Mood Girl, is an author and inspirational speaker who supports loving yourself and feeling your best.

vendor 6

Giant Eagle Market District

Giant Eagle Market District works to improve the everyday lives and well-being of its customers and Team Members.

vendor 6


For more than 75 years, GNC has been the trusted leader in health, wellness, and sports nutrition.

vendor 38

The Greater Pittsburgh Joint & Muscle Center

We combine doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, physical rehab and massage therapists to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible.

Green Light Wireless

Green Light Wireless

Local Internet Service Provider in the Pittsburgh region. Check out their booth for free Wi-Fi and information about Internet packages for your home or business.

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy

The nation’s longest serving renewable energy retailer, offering cleaner electricity, carbon offsets and sustainable solutions for businesses.

vendor 6

Heather Ferri Productions

Opening channels and optimizing health one breath at a time through Kundalini Yoga.

vendor 6

Holistic Healing Center at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Focused on achieving life balance and wellness. From acupuncture to healing meditation are provided by licensed specialist.

vendor 6

Jordan Family Chiropractic

Jordan Family Chiropractic prides itself in helping its patients experience optimal health. Visit its booth to try its gourmet, cancer-fighting coffee!

vendor 6

MOVE Yoga and Fitness (formerly located at Loughner Massage & Yoga)

Focusing on the therapeutic and wellness aspects of life.

vendor 6

Marty's Market

Find fresh, local ingredients at this delicious food market and café.

vendor 6

Moxie Mind & Body

Committed to helping you build a stronger and healthier mind and body through superior quality training in the classical Pilates method.

vendor 6.5


Nakama Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is an award-winning, upscale hibachi & sushi restaurant located on Pittsburgh's Historic South Side.

vendor 6

Nationwide Insurance

Chat with Daniel K. Carinci about how to protect your family with the best auto, motorcycle, or homeowners insurance for your lifestyle.

vendor 6

Organically Social

Join the network to connect with Pittsburgh's health and wellness experts.

vendor 6

Pool Paddle Yoga

Pool Paddle Fitness is the ultimate fitness experience offering a unique outdoor floating space specifically designed for fitness and yoga.

vendor 42

Pittsburgh Smokehouse

Pittsburgh Smokehouse is a full service BBQ & Catering company. Come experience the best Pulled Pork and Brisket in the 'Burgh!"

vendor 6

The Pittsburgh Juice Company

Drink in the benefits of fresh, cold-pressed juices.

vendor 6

Peoples Natural Gas

With its alternative energy choices, conservation initiatives, and environmentally friendly products, Peoples Natural Gas works to keep our neighborhoods and neighbors healthy.

vendor 6

Power Of Touch Wellness

Restore movement and alleviate pain with this clinic's gentle and non-invasive therapies.

vendor 6

Premier Laser Spa Of Pittsburgh

This spa offers non-invasive, state-of-the-art laser treatments for hair removal and skin tightening.

vendor 6


Stop by the food truck for delicious organic and vegan fare.

vendor 6

Run Intended

Amanda Verrengia of Run Intended is a certified ACE personal trainer and USATF Track and Field Coach, striving to spread her passion of running with others.

vendor 6

Salt Power Yoga

Founded on the concepts of kula (community) and seva (service), celebrated with the physical practice of power vinyasa flow.

vendor 6

Sincerely Caroline

Caroline Shannon-Karasik of the blog Sincerely Caroline is an author and healthy lifestyle advocate who focuses on personalized wellness.

vendor 6

Soergel Orchards & Farm Market

Dig in to the delicious produce and goods from the family farm and country store.

vendor 6

Sterling Yoga

Offering classes in the style/tradition inspired by the alignments of Iyengar using Hatha poses.

vendor 6

Stray Dog Yoga Studio

Stray Dog Yoga Studio teaches Heated Vinyasa Flow classes, designed to suit all levels of experience.

vendor 6

Style Truck

The store on wheels offers women’s clothing and accessories, at locations near where they work, live and visit.

vendor 6

UPMC Health Plan

These health experts offer access to top-ranked hospitals, and award-winning customer service and wellness programs.

vendor 6

Urban Elements & Cycology

Combining yoga with RealRyder cycling to fuse the physicality of power yoga and the challenge of indoor cycling.

vendor 6

Urban Prana Yoga

A community-based studio offering warm and non-heated Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes to new and experienced yogis.

vendor 6

Women for a Healthy Environment

Educates and empowers women to be ambassadors about environmental risks so that they can make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

vendor 6

Woman's Heath Conversations

A gathering of smart, savvy women featuring a day of education, empowerment and entertainment at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on November 6, 2014.

vendor 32


Download the Yelp app and check-into "One Whirl Yogafest" for your chance to spin the Wheel of Yelp to win schwag! We'll also have free fans and sunscreen to keep you cool and protected from the sun all day long!


Answers to some questions you might have!

  • Do I have to be an experienced yogi to attend?

    Absolutely not. The One WHIRL Yoga Fest + Healthy Lifestyle Expo is open for beginners and advanced, and all ages. We have an entire tent dedicated to beginners with classes spanning all day, so that those who are new to yoga will also have a great time!
  • Are kids welcome?

    YES! Children are welcome to attend any of the classes on the schedule, although we do recommend the beginners classes for children to learn proper foundations of a yoga practice. From 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., we have scheduled classes catered toward families, including prenatal yoga, family yoga, and kids yoga.
  • What happens if it rains?

    The One WHIRL Yoga Fest + Healthy Lifestyle Expo is a tented, rain-or-shine event!
  • What should I bring with me?

    We suggest bringing your own yoga mat, sunblock, a small towel, a water bottle, and cash to support our vendors in the Vendor Village. No need to bring food — we have that covered in our Vendor Village as well! There will be vegan and dietary restriction-friendly food options available.
  • Where should I stay if I'm visiting from out of town?

    We have special rates for out-of-town guests at the Wyndham Grand Downtown Pittsburgh Hotel, which is located across the street from Point State Park, the festival's location. Using the code "Yoga Fest 2014," guests will receive a special rate of $129 per night. To book, please visit wyndhamgrandpittsburgh.com or call 412.391.4600.
  • Where do I park?

    •Boulos Parking Point State, 601 Commonwealth Place, Downtown; cash only, $5 all-day parking on weekends.
    •Gateway Towers Parking Garage, 320 Fort Duquesne Blvd., Downtown; cash only, $14 for 2-12 hours.
    •Interpark, 625 Stanwix St., Downtown; cash or credit, $8 all-day parking, $5 for under 1 hour.
  • Where can I eat?

    You may eat in the park. We have some excellent food vendors this year, who will be offering vegan and allergy-friendly food options all day.
  • What else can I do while I'm visiting Pittsburgh?

    Visit our events calendar. You can find an array of Pittsburgh's businesses, restaurants, concert listings, and other entertainment on our website: whirlmagazine.com.

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