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Kaylen Davidson
of Sara Judith Events

Event Planner Brings Love to Pittsburgh.

In 2018, Kaylen Davidson’s wedding was featured in WHIRL Magazine. The gorgeous images of the duo and their party brought suggestions from family and friends on their own festivities, and Kaylen soon realized her passion for love and all of its trimmings would make a fine business venture. After working for some of the top event planners in Los Angeles, where she lived for 11 years, Kaylen is back in Pittsburgh as owner of the Sara Judith Events, a company that she named after her cow.

“We were driving out in the country in Vermont late at night and a calf ran out in front of our RV. Thankfully we didn’t hit her, but I was concerned about her so we stopped and I got out. I saw she had tags in her ears so I knew she belonged to a cattle farm somewhere nearby.

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Are you in?

If you would like to showcase your 
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WHIRL Magazine.

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Love Makes a Way
Despite Covid

930 W North-12.png

Introducing 930 W North Ave Nestled in the Northside of Pittsburgh


High School 
Sweethearts in Love

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