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David Roth
Brings Jazz into Focus

The Pittsburgh Architect Brings Talent into View

Jazz is notorious for the superior level of skill needed to play well. First, learn the rules. Then break them. The same principles apply to architecture. Ask Pittsburgh architect David Roth about jazz, and he will tell you the best haunts, talents, and shows in Pittsburgh.

His enthusiasm for music is contagious, and his passion is seeking out the newcomers and the ones who are playing simply for the joy of creating beauty. Ours is a city with many constructs, and music is at the heart of the culture here, built into the fabric of our souls. So too is our love for architecture. We take great pride in our buildings, parks, and spaces that help to define us as a community.

Roth brings it all together in his images, telling the stories of those compelled to play, how sounds move through them, and what that all does to us. The skills required to capture moments of pure bliss take years to master, making the photographs even more exhilarating.

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by Christine McMahon Tumpson

Photographs by David Roth | @downtown_design

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