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Karrah & Marty

We're Engaged

Ten years ago, Karrah and Marty were both students at Mt. Lebanon High School. Marty was a football player and Karrah was a cheerleader but they didn’t know each other very well. They were friends with each other’s siblings and knew many people in one another’s circles but they never connected. Then, almost two years ago Marty decided to reach out to Karrah’s brother and find out if a high school crush had a shot at being something real.

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Written by: Dana Ratica

Bride: Dr. Karrah Petruska

Groom: Martin Dattilo

Photographs by: Dana Ratica,
All Heart PGH Photography

The Wildwoods Barefoot Country Music Fest Wedding 1.jpg

Mollie & Chris

930 W North-12.png

Introducing 930 W North Ave Nestled in the Northside of Pittsburgh

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Leah & Eric

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