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Kelly Frost Women of Achievement Honoree[100]_edited.jpg

Kelly Frost launches
new non-profit:

PEEL: Pittsburgh’s Elevated & Emerging Leaders

Our purpose is to build others personally, professionally, and to serve our community. We stand strongly on our 4 Pillars that we built PEEL on, Personal Development, Professional Achievement, Playful Purpose and the most important, Philanthropic Endeavors.

Why are you passionate about PEEL?

I am passionate because I can see, hear and feel the changes it is making to those who are affiliated with it. It is much more than a networking group, which is what I’ve heard it referred to. We are celebrating life. How can you NOT be passionate about that?

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Are you in?

If you would like to showcase your 
property in the beautiful pages of 
WHIRL Magazine.

by Christine McMahon Tumpson

Photo provided by: Cribs for Kids

HM Desk_edited.jpg

Shea Murtaugh built her successful company in Pittsburgh!

930 W North-12.png

Introducing 930 W North Ave Nestled in the Northside of Pittsburgh

The Wildwoods Barefoot Country Music Fest Wedding 1.jpg

Mollie & Chris

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