Arthur Pitt Makes Dollars and Sense of the Cannabis Industry

Christine McMahon Tumpson

November 20, 2020

Creating A Business That Merges All Aspects from Software to Product

  Arthur Pitt is a businessman with a purpose, and the ambition and drive to bring it all together. Cannabis lost its stigma with the approval of the plant-based products first for medical release, and then for recreational use. In California, it grew by more than $50 million dollars during the first several months of the Covid pandamic, and recently gained recreational status in the state of Maine. Pennsylvania maintains a large medical marijuana roster, with patients lining up outside of dispensaries every day.

 For Pitt, the business is an exciting one that enables him to put his hard-earned skills to work. For more than 10 years, he was part of the management team at Rostrum Records, with respected music industry leader Benjy Grinberg at the helm. “My clients in the music industry were some of the biggest cannabis influencers in the world during their reign. I never thought weed should be vilified or illegal. Two of the connections I made in the music industry were Pittsburgh natives Michael Tanzer and Darby Kaighin-Shields, co-founders of RedTape Ventures. They were the creative arm of Rostrum’s artists for many years. When Michael and I decided I would come in to make RedTape into something bigger, the trust was already there. I introduced him to a college friend, Scott Swinchock, a financial guru who was instrumental in helping create our vision.  We got things rolling pretty quickly. I help with everything from investor relations, public relations, and marketing our brands, and also serve on the Board of Directors.”

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