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Beth and Howard Stern

Christine McMahon Tumpson

November 20, 2020

A purrrfect love story. 

  Twenty years ago, Beth Ostrowsky sat next to Howard Stern at a dinner party. The Pittsburgh native remembers laughing the entire time. Today, the couple is still enjoying one another’s company. Beth, a model, spokesperson, and longtime animal rescue advocate for the North Shore Animal Rescue League, now spends her time taking care of foster kittens and cats. Known for her beauty, friendly personality, and beautiful smile, she personally delivers the felines she cares for to their forever homes. Howard, the best interviewer in media history, is a helpful partner in the commitment. While his famous on-air persona is captivating, his love of animals makes him heart-warming.

The couple dedicates part of their residences to the care of the cats and kittens, filling the rooms with cat toys and climbers. How they rescue them is amazing. “Oh gosh!” Beth begins. “I have rescued kittens from window wells, from people’s sheds, you name it. Every situation is different. It’s now at the point where I only have time to take on dire situations from people

who have rescued a litter of kittens or a cat in need of assistance-the sick ones, the disabled ones, the ones with eye issues, the seniors dumped by their owners. Once I hear a kitty needs me, I have the rescuer drop him off at my veterinarian’s clinic to be medically evaluated and we then come up with a plan. Once the cat has been properly tested and is free of any diseases, I pick them up and welcome them into my home. I then nurture them by administering meds, supplemental feedings, and taking them to any surgical procedures they require and rehabbing them after their surgeries until they are ready for a forever family. By posting their entire journeys on my Instagram at @bethostern, I get emails from potential adopters. Then, there is thorough, lengthy screening and interview process that ensures that the right home is chosen. It’s a

bittersweet day when I have to hand over to a foster family, that’s for sure!”

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