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Instructions for submitting your photos.

Prior to submitting photos to WHIRL magazine, it is encourage to follow throught these steps in order to ensure efficiency and satisfaction.

Step 1. After taking a series of photos and choosing the ones for submission, You must go through the process of editing and rendering those photos. Also ensure that you have a file premade for the final in google drive. Programs such as Photo Mechanic, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Light Room are preferred.

Step 2. After going through the process editing the selected photos from your event, you must ensure that the photos are rendered to 300 DPI  and 13 inches for the width. Adobe Photoshop and Light Room are useful and dependable tools for this process.

Step 3. After the process of editing and rendering the photos are complete. Ensure that the files are in a saved folder in Google Drive, or Google Photos

You must also provide captions for the individuals within the photos using Google docs, then submit and save that Google docs list into the same folder on Google drive.

Step 4.(1) For Wedding Photoghraphers, Make sure you go over what you've captured with the Bride and Groom to provide information on which photos are being submitted before the process of publishing.

Step 4. (2) After you've completed the following, Share the completed files via Google Drive or Google Photos with Christine Tumpson at

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