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Liberty Magic

Dedicated to Elevating the Art of Magic

Eric Jones in Immaculate Deception

Wed, Jun 14 - Sun, Jul 2, 2023

In December of 1972 something magical happened at Three Rivers Stadium. To this day spectators are unsure just how it transpired. Through some combination of skill, chance and miracle Steelers fullback, Franco Harris, recovered a fumbled ball and pulled the team from the depths of sure defeat, scoring a game-winning touchdown with 30 seconds on the clock. One of the greatest plays of all time – The Immaculate Reception.


Drawing inspiration from our city’s history of miraculous moments, Eric Jones, Liberty Magic’s Inaugural Magician and Artistic Advisor, returns to the Liberty Magic stage for a third residency to bring us a brand new show. Featuring perplexing prestidigitation created with Pittsburgh in mind, this premier production is sure to amaze and inspire. Don’t take your eye off the ball… or the card… or the coin… You just might catch The Immaculate Deception.

Jimmy Ichihana in The Cards

Wed, Jul 5 - Sun, Aug 13, 2023

Few dare to test the limits of the most versatile prop in the magicians kit as tenaciously as Jimmy Ichihana. In this premier performance Jimmy brings his mastery of math to the art of intricate close up card magic, testing the laws of probability and transcending presumptions. A combination of time honored card classics and original creations, this brand new show uses little more than a deck of cards and a fervor for magic to create lasting memories of the impossible.


Jimmy has learned from some of the greatest magicians in the world—having even spent a year in Madrid to study the card techniques of the masters. He’ll use every trick in the book (and several not yet written) to deceive your senses. Innovative sleight of hand, misdirection and more undisclosed trickery will be debuted for the very first time on the Liberty Magic Stage in this interactive celebration of card conjuring and mechanics.

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Live Parlor Magic | A BYOB Speakeasy

811 Liberty Avenue

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Victorian Opulence with a Contemporary Flair

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Introducing 930 W North Ave Nestled in the Northside of Pittsburgh


Karrah & Marty

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