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Green Heiress Retreats: Holistic Getaways across the country


by: Christine McMahon Tumpson

Photography courtesy Green Heiress Retreats

Green Heiress Retreats (GHR) organizes holistic health getaways across the country and across many local venues including workplaces, private homes, schools and on site in Aspinwall. It is committed to helping clients connect with new practices and modalities that improve their health, mindset and way of life. GHR was launched by Erica McIlroy in 2022, after seven years of owning and operating Green Heiress, a holistic health center in Pittsburgh, PA. Since then, she has helped connect dozens of people with like minded individuals by hosting retreats focused on joy, well being, connection and community.

GHR is proud to support a team of experienced, credentialed practitioners who lead with passion, accessibility and open-mindedness, like Susan Amorose.

As a key, recurring presenter at GHR events, Susan brings decades of experience in teaching and holistic healing. Susan is a Doctor of Medical QiGong and a Reiki Master Teacher who helps her clients connect with both themselves and the world around them from a grounded and supported place of personal empowerment.

So far, Erica and Susan have planned retreats in Palm Desert, California and, more locally, in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania. These have featured QiGong, art therapy, yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, energy, and sound healing and much more. They look forward to welcoming more members of the community to their slate of upcoming programming, workshops, video podcasts, custom experiences and both partial day and multi-day retreats. Follow along for more programming at or by following @GreenHeiressRetreats on Instagram.

Learn more about these friends, business partners and female trailblazers in the holistic health industry, in the Q&A!

with Erica and Susan

What are you eating?

Being headquartered in Aspinwall, we have the benefit of being close to so many organic, locally sourced offerings that accommodate a range of dietary preferences. We often dine out at local favorite restaurants, like Cornerstone Bistro, or find ourselves trying out new recipes. When we are busy working at the office, our go to fuel includes fruit, hummus, iced tea and lots of matcha lattes.

What are you listening to?

At the office and events, we mostly play relaxing, ambient music or feature live singing bowls, harp, gongs, drumming and even acoustic guitar. Off duty, you can find Erica singing along to the Grateful Dead and Susan listening to true crime podcasts to unwind.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Health is, of course, a huge and important aspect of our lives. There are so many activities we implement and we are always searching for new ways to open our hearts and minds while improving our physical health. Some of our favorites include acupuncture, meditation, yoga, forest bathing or even just spending time with our friends, families and pets!

One specific and fundamental influence behind the GHR lifestyle is QiGong, a balancing, centering and grounding energy practice that is known to improve both mental and physical health. We offer instruction in QiGong for all levels at our Aspinwall office location, and it has played a central role in our retreats and programming. u


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