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Restore Hyper Wellness: Transforming Lives and Embracing Hyper Wellness in Upper St. Clair.


By Emily Ehlert and Josh Shapiro

Photography courtesy Restore Hyper Wellness

Restore Hyper Wellness, a locally owned franchise located in Upper St. Clair, PA, has become a prominent wellness destination over the past four years. With a mission to make hyper wellness accessible and affordable for everyone, Restore Hyper Wellness offers a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance physical and mental well-being. As wellness becomes more mainstream, individuals are shifting their focus from reactive treatment to proactive, preventative health and wellness. Let’s explore how Restore has emerged as a leader in the wellness industry and has positively impacted the community of Upper St. Clair.

The Founders and the Franchise Journey

The concept of Restore Hyper Wellness was founded in Austin, TX in 2015. Shortly thereafter, three childhood friends who were born and raised in the South Hills drew inspiration from the physical demands of college football and military service, to bring the cutting-edge wellness concept to the Pittsburgh market. They established Restore Upper St. Clair in August 2019, which can be found in the Shops at Siena, just across the street from Whole Foods.

Services Offered by Restore Hyper Wellness

Restore Hyper Wellness offers an extensive range of services to support individuals on their wellness journey. These services include cryotherapy, red light therapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy, IV drip therapy, intramuscular shots, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, NAD+ IV therapy, biomarker assessments, Cryoskin, Hydrafacial™, and Circadia® Oxygen Facial. Each service is carefully designed to address specific wellness needs, providing comprehensive solutions to help individuals achieve their health goals.

The Hyper Wellness Experience

When visiting Restore Hyper Wellness, guests can expect a clean facility with modern equipment and a friendly staff that creates a welcoming atmosphere akin to family. Understanding that the concept of hyper wellness may be new to many, the team at Restore is dedicated to guiding customers through their wellness journey, ensuring they feel comfortable and informed from start to finish. The staff takes the time to explain the benefits of each treatment, recommend the best-fit options, and provide insights into what to expect, fostering a personalized and exceptional experience for every visitor.

Standout Treatments and Therapies

Among the wide array of services offered, several treatments have gained popularity and became standout choices among customers. Here are three services that Restore customers give the spotlight to:

1.NAD+ IV therapy, a breakthrough therapy that jump-starts cellular repair, rejuvenates energy levels, and promotes overall well-being. The benefits of NAD+ IV therapy include boosted focus, energy, and cellular health, improved heart health and endurance, and accelerated healing of muscles and tissues.

2. IV Drip Therapy. Is a treatment that fuels your life and allows you to do more of what you love. IV Drips at Restore Hyper Wellness infuse a liter of fluids with essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids to provide benefits that go far beyond water alone. Whether you’re looking to reduce cellular damage with vitamin C, support your body’s energy production with B12, or relax while promoting muscle health with magnesium, the extensive and customizable menu of drip ingredients provides ample opportunities to take your wellness further than you thought possible. This treatment hydrates and cleanses the body, replenishes vital nutrients, and maximizes performance and focus under the supervision of a medical professional.

3. Cryotherapy is an ancient practice, made for the modern age. Restore offers Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions that last 2-3 minutes at temperatures as low as -220 degrees.  Whole Body Cryotherapy may help optimize sleep, defy signs of aging, and boost overall energy.

With a range of standout treatments like NAD+ IV therapy, IV Drip Therapy, and Cryotherapy, Restore Hyper Wellness offers individuals a comprehensive approach to their well-being. These treatments, along with the other services provided, contribute to the overall wellness of individuals by addressing specific needs and promoting optimal health. Whether it’s reducing inflammation, optimizing sleep, boosting energy, or defying the signs of aging, the innovative modalities offered at Restore Hyper Wellness empower individuals to feel their best and become the highest version of themselves.

The positive impact of these standout treatments on the lives of customers is evident as they experience the transformative effects on their physical and mental well-being. Through the expertise and guidance of the dedicated professionals at Restore Hyper Wellness, individuals can trust that their journey towards optimal health is in capable hands.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Restore Hyper Wellness takes pride in actively engaging with the local community of Upper St. Clair. The franchise collaborates with various corporations on health and wellness days, offering unique ways to promote employee well-being. Through services like IV drips and compression therapy, Restore Hyper Wellness keeps health and wellness at the forefront of people’s minds.

And as a proud supporter of the local community, Restore offers an exclusive discount to high school athletes. Recognizing the importance of athletic performance and recovery, Restore Hyper Wellness aims to help young athletes recover faster, perform better, and reach their full potential. With this goal in mind, high school athletes can take advantage of a special offer that grants them a 50% discount on Core Services, the foundation of Hyper Wellness.

Core Services, including Whole Body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy, Compression Therapy, Infrared Sauna, and Red Light Therapy, are the cornerstones of enhancing recovery and overall well-being. These are the same treatments utilized by professional athletes to optimize their performance and accelerate their recovery. By offering high school athletes a discount on services, Restore empowers young athletes to access the same cutting-edge therapies that can support their athletic journey.

In addition to the discounted Core Services, high school athletes also receive member pricing on medical services. These services include Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, IV Drips, and Intramuscular Shots, which provide targeted support for injuries, inflammation, and fatigue. Restore aims to ensure that young athletes can receive the specialized care they need to recover from injuries, reduce inflammation, and replenish their energy levels. This enables them to return to the field faster and perform at their best.

By extending exclusive discounts to high school athletes, Restore demonstrates its commitment to supporting the local community and nurturing the well-being of young athletes. Through these services, athletes can experience the benefits of Hyper Wellness and discover firsthand how it can enhance their performance, recovery, and overall quality of life.

The dedicated professionals behind the Upper St. Clair franchise, including the Chief Medical Officer, Medical Directors, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and other employees, bring a wealth of qualifications, expertise, and genuine interest in the well-being of their customers.

Driving Growth and Staying at the Forefront

Restore Hyper Wellness remains at the forefront of the wellness industry by continuously researching and testing new modalities. The franchise actively seeks to introduce new services and technologies that align with their mission of providing accessible and affordable health and wellness solutions to the community. Restore Hyper Wellness is poised to be a pioneer in bending the curve of aging at scale. By embracing growth and innovation, Restore Hyper Wellness ensures that the community of Upper St. Clair has access to the latest advancements in wellness.

Positive Impact on the Community

Since its inception, Restore Hyper Wellness has made a significantly positive impact on the lives of its customers in Upper St. Clair. By expanding the available options for wellness solutions, the franchise strives to address the issue of healthcare inaccessibility that plagues many individuals. Restore Hyper Wellness recognizes that everyone deserves access to a healthy lifestyle, and their Hyper Wellness program is designed to bridge the gap between health and wealth.

Why Prioritize Well-being and Experience the Hyper Wellness Journey at Restore Hyper Wellness

As more individuals realize the importance of prioritizing their well-being, Restore Hyper Wellness stands ready to guide them on their hyper wellness journey. With their 4-year anniversary approaching, Restore Hyper Wellness invites the community to celebrate and experience the transformative power of hyper wellness. From Thursday, September 21st, to Sunday, September 24th, the franchise will host an open house and offer special anniversary event discounts and offers. It’s the perfect opportunity for individuals to explore the wide range of services and take a step toward a healthier, more fulfilling life.

In just four years, Restore Hyper Wellness in Upper St. Clair, PA, has become a go-to destination for those seeking transformative wellness solutions, driven by its mission to make hyper wellness accessible and affordable for all. Through a comprehensive range of services and a commitment to personalized care, Restore Hyper Wellness has positively impacted the community’s well-being. With the dedication of its founders, passionate staff, ongoing research and development initiatives, and active community engagement, Restore Hyper Wellness stays at the forefront of the wellness industry. As individuals in Upper St. Clair prioritize their well-being, Restore Hyper Wellness encourages them to embark on the hyper wellness journey and discover the transformative power of these services. Join the 4-year anniversary celebration and experience the path to optimal health and wellness at Restore Hyper Wellness in Upper St. Clair.


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