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Q & A with Ronda: Creator of Ecolution Gala


What have I been eating?

Devout Vegetarian for over 25 years, my diet consists of primarily tofu, smoothies, avocados, veggie burgers and veggie sushi.

What have you been listening to?

Listening to French Music, Latin Music and the Blues from all eras.  I’m a huge fan of Susan Tedeschi and Chris Stapleton and looking forward to going to a lot of shows this summer.. Government Mule, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and hopefully Madonna.

What do you do to stay healthy?

I maintain a healthy lifestyle by dancing Zumba, Spinning, and just joined the new gym UFC Downtown to start weight training.  I also find healthy distractions so I’m currently on my 500th day of learning French on Duolingo with the goal of getting back to Europe in 2024.

What is you passion?

My work is my daily force and I enjoy the path that my career has taken especially in the past 5 years. My greatest passion is producing events.  I’m so fortunate that I have the opportunity to produce a series of Earth Day Events that Gary Kalinosky, my Creative Director and Business Partner and I have concepted and produced We also produce events with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and are excited about our upcoming event in October.  We’ve also provided exciting project work with the August Wilson Center Taste of Jazz, Pittsburgh Fashion Week and The Hispanic Chamber, Dias de los Muertos.  I love the diversity in the arts and combining music, fashion, dance and art in event production.  There is so much talent in this city that it is always a proud moment to collaborate with some of the best artists and creatives in the city.

What is your greatest goal??

My greatest goal and mission is to continue to expand our Green Voice Platform which now reaches approximately 25,000 subscribers and enthusiasts.  I concepted The Green Voice right before COVID and the Green Voice Monthly e-newsletter and it has become a great resource for Sustainable Lifestyle and Business News. Our editorial team is awesome with contributing writers such as Andrea Stehle, Natalie Bencivenga, Doug Oster, Dan Gigler and more. We are the hub for great sustainable content and our Green Voice Podcasts are hosted by the incredible Grant Ervin.  Our Green Voice Speaker Series Panel Events’ relevance has been extremely well received so we have more Green Voice Events on deck for 2024. 


I also am proud to have my nieces now as a part of the Earth Day and Green Voice Events.  Bria Zegarelli is a student at Dickinson and one of our writers in the Green Voice contributing great articles that target the young adult and teens interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle.  Ella Zegarelli is a Student at Upper Saint Clair High School and  is our Earth Day and Green Voice High School Brand Ambassador.  We believe in education so we have a solid internship and brand ambassador program and encourage all of the Universities and Colleges to send us any potential candidates that have interest in being a part of Pittsburgh Earth Day and the Green Voice team.  We are currently working with CMU, Duquesne University, Point Park University and Slippery Rock University, but we would love to work with all of the Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools and High schools.  We are growing quickly and it definitely takes a united front to make the changes that are a part of our sustainability communications goal.

We would love for readers to sign up for the Green Voice Monthly e-newsletter and learn about Pittsburgh Earth Day and Green Voice Events, visit


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