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David Correy

Artist with a mental health mission

In May, musician and public figure David Correy announced via his social media that he had successfully sought treatment for alcohol abuse and depression. David, as a fan favorite from “The X Factor” and a well known artist, has openly become an advocate for mental health.

David Correy, a man born into a poverty-stricken family in Recife, Brazil was adopted as a young boy just before his 1st birthday by an American couple. David received his first big break when he appeared on the second season of the syndicated television show “The X Factor”. Wowing judges and audiences with his talents, Correy was able to touch hearts, and the following ripple effect was the launching pad that introduced him to the world. As of 2019, the immensely talented Correy has built his very own independent empire with the self-funded label Urban Rock Records. Amassing a following of roughly 2 million people on social media, his talents have afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with musical heavyweights such as Wyclef Jean. Aloe Blacc, Fat Joe, Bangladesh, B-Harv, Rock Mafia, DJ Paul and many more.

David’s ability to mesh raw soul, pop, hip-hop, all with a new age and global sensibility is what separates him from his contemporaries and has captured the hearts and ears of fans worldwide.

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